Alexandrite specimens

TUCSON 2024!!

We are excited for the upcoming Tucson Gem and Mineral Show!

Arkfeld Minerals will be in the same location at the Mineral City Show

There are multiple evening events happening at the show. Including an opening night party, and a Last Hurrah Party, hosted by our Building E.

Hope to see you there!

New Specimens from the Munich Mineral Show

we will continue to add new specimens from the show to this collection.

New Find! Sapphirine from Madagascar

Sapphirine, not to be confused with sapphire. Sapphirine is a rare Magnesium Aluminum Silicate with chemical formula (Mg,Al)8(Al, Si)6O This new find has produced crystals larger than any previous and they are attractive hexagonal crystals

New Additons September 2023

New find red beryl from New Mexico!!

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Cobaltoan Calcite photos by László Kupi